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How to Apply the Pilaten Face Mask

1) Wash your face with cleanser and warm water. The warm water opens the pores of your face. You can also sit with a hot wet towel over your face for 3-5 minutes to additionally open the pores. Alternatively, boil water and sit with your face over a bowl filled with the water with a towel over your head – DON’T BURN YOURSELF, PLEASE.
2) Once you feel your pores have been sufficiently steamed, pat the application area dry. DO NOT RUB DRY; it can cause the pores to close again. Applying Pilaten to wet skin will prevent it from adhering to the impurities. If you notice that the Pilaten makes small holes or bubbles when applied, your skin is still too wet.
3) Apply a layer of the Pilaten Mask on areas where you would like to remove blackheads. Normally this would be the T-zone of your face: the forehead, nose and chin.
Pilaten Face Peel-Off MaskPlease note: If you put a layer which is too thick, the mask will need a very long time to dry. If you put a layer which is too thin, the blackheads won’t stick well to the mask. Please try it a few times to find your optimal amount.
4) Sit down and relax with a cup of tea while the mask dries. This will normally take about 15-30 minutes, depending on the thickness of the black mask layer that you applied.
5) When the mask is fully dried, careful peel off your Pilaten Mask. Don’t be worried if the mask breaks while peeling it off. The blackheads will stick to the dried mask and get pulled out of the pores of your skin. As the blackheads are clearly visible on the removed pieces of the Pilaten Mask, you will be able to see an immediate result.
6) Rinse your face with lukewarm water again and pat dry with a towel (avoid rubbing, as this can cause irritation to the freshly opened pores).
Repeat the treatment as you need it. The Pilaten Mask can also be used for other areas of the body, including shoulders, back, thighs, buttocks and upper arms.
For the best result, finish the blackhead removal treatment with an astringent agent such as witch hazel or Brinea’s HA+ Hyaluronic Acid Essence
You facial skin will be beautiful and silky soft; As if you came straight out of the salon!
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