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Using Brinea Skin Rejuvenation Tonics

/Using Brinea Skin Rejuvenation Tonics

Using Brinea Skin Rejuvenation Tonics

Brinea Skin Rejuvenation Day Cream

Apply it each morning, after cleansing your face with your face-wash and/or exfoliating, to the areas where there are fine wrinkles.

This cream assists with fine lines, giving the skin a noticeably softer look, while balancing the moisture levels, leaving a matte finish. After regular use it will diminish fine lines by 30%. Let it dry for at least 2 minutes.  Apply your normal face moisturizer and foundation as you usually would.

The presentation is an “injection” type tube and will require a little pumping to bring the cream to the front of the tube.  From there on pull the top section back and when pushing forward this will expel a small measurement of the cream.  This ensures that each ml is used and that there is no wastage.   Each tube lasts one month.

You will see the effect of the smoothing out of fine lines

You will find an improvement in skin texture

This application will last the entire day and is waterproof as well as sweat proof.

Brinea Skin Rejuvenation Night Serum

This serum is viscous (a little goes a long way) and is to be used in the evening after cleansing.  Be sure to smooth it onto the entire face gently, making sure the skin has absorbed it totally,  then gently pat in the excess until it has been absorbed thoroughly by the skin.

Once this has been done, continue your normal nightly regime – eye cream, neck cream and night moisturizer.

This tube will also last one month.

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