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Brinea Hair Products and Information

/Brinea Hair Products and Information

Brinea Hair Products and Information

We have 5 products to choose from so whether you have short hair or long hair you can style with ease. Part of being well groomed is the time that we can allocate to this and in a short space of time, given today’s fast living, the results that are achieved.

Ionic Technology

Let’s first address the Brinea Beauty Heat Styler’s ionic component. An ion is as an atom in which the number of electrons and protons are not the same. When a hair tool has ionic in its name, it means that it can generate negative ions. Hair has high water content, making it positively charged. When negative ions come in contact with hair, the positive charge is neutralized. This leaves your hair straight, sleek, shiny and smooth. These styling irons have adjustable temperatures, the highest being 230° (degrees) and it is the 230° (degrees) that gives the Brazilian Look.

Ceramic Plates

Ceramic plates provide even heat distribution, ensuring that there will not be extreme hot or cold spots. This is critical for three reasons:

  1. You get consistent results
  2. There is less risk that you will burn or damage your hair cuticle
  3. Decreases the amount of time you need to run the iron over your hair

Another important characteristic is that these plates heat up extremely fast – Brinea Beauty’s flat irons and wands reach their highest temperatures in just 30 seconds! Ceramic’s natural infrared heating does not harm hair’s exterior layer but gently warms the hair from the inside. This retains moisture within each strand, creating a superb shine and a healthy look.

Here is one crucial thing to keep in mind – not all flat irons and wands are pure ceramic like Brinea Beauty’s Hair Stylers, many of them are aluminum. They are just coated with ceramic on the top. Such models are less expensive, but you need to be extra careful when using them. This coating can chip or peel, revealing less quality metal below. These peeled areas can snag your hair! So always try to find out if an iron is coated or not.

You can even find costly professional models that are not 100{c219112777389a9e96628ccb4d2c1306c613914e42c7355a7bad37679ddc84d4} ceramic. Solid or pure ceramic are words that you are looking for. One big problem is that ceramic plates can crack after some time. These cracks can snag the hair and give you an awful experience.


There is one more thing you need to know about the materials used in the ceramic plates of Brinea Beauty’s Hair Stylers Heat Styling Range. That is tourmaline. It is a crystal that is ground into a fine powder and infused into the plates of the products flat irons and wands. When this mineral is heated, it produces enormous amounts of negative ions, much more than ceramic alone. Negative ions allow for faster straightening process, preventing heat damage and help create extremely sleek, shiny hair.

Gone are the days of having to spray protection solutions on the hair before using your new Flat Iron or Curling Wand.  Having beautiful hair does not mean spending hours getting it to look perfect with these top of the range products available.

So the next time you read ionic, ceramic, or tourmaline – you will know exactly what each of these terms mean.

Now that the general information has been given, here are more specific details of the products on offer:

25mm Ionic Ceramic Wand – this extra length wand allows easy curling for all lengths of hair. It comes together with a heat resistant glove that makes holding the hair in place while curling. “Auto-Off” feature

Ionic 100mm 3-barrel Wave Wand – Dynamic temperature controls allow you choose the right heat for your desired look. Prevent fires with the built-in “Auto-Off” feature. 3 barrels to give your hair naturally dreamy waves.

Ionic 2.5cm Ceramic Infrared Flat Iron – Dynamic temperature controls allow you choose the right heat for your desired look. Prevent fires with the built-in “Auto-Off” feature.

Ionic Ceramic Infrared Broad Flat Iron 40mm – Dynamic temperature controls allow you choose the right heat for your desired look. Prevent fires with the built-in “Auto-Off” feature. “Floating” ceramic plates prevent pulling your hair; the Brinea Beauty’s Broad Flat Iron is much gentler on your locks.

Ionic Ceramic Infrared Mini Flat Iron 15mm – Travel Edition. It is perfect for men or ladies with short hair and is small enough to fit comfortably in your purse or luggage. This Mini Flat Iron Does NOT Have an “Auto-Off” Feature.

*Remember to Turn it Off When You Are Finished Using It.*

A little more information to help you make the perfect choice for your hair type:

Heat Styler Plate Size Hair Length Hair Type
2.5cm to 4cm All lengths Fine and thin
2.5cm to 3cm Short Normal
2.5cm to 4cm Medium Normal
3cm to 5cm Long Normal
3cm Short Coarse, thick or curly
4cm to 5cm Medium Coarse, thick or curly
4cm to 7.5cm Long Coarse, thick or curly
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