Can I wear makeup or sunscreen after a Derma Roller treatment?

DO NOT wear makeup or sunscreen immediately after treatment because they will absorb deeply into your skin through the micro-punctures/micro-channels from the micro-needles. It is best to wait 24 hr for your micro-channels to close up or for your skin to calm down before applying makeup or sunscreen. It is only recommended that you use topical ointments or serums which are specifically designed for use with the Derma Roller (ie. Hyaluronic Acid Essence, Scar

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How do you know which Derma Roller needle length to use?

If you are a Beginner, it is EXTREMELY important to AVOID using 1.5 mm or longer needles on your face. They are for body treatment or for professional usage. Use 0.25 mm for boosting the absorption of topical products. Use 0.5 mm for mild wrinkles, scarring and sun damage. Use 0.75 mm for fine lines, mild scarring, hyper-pigmentation marks. Use 1.0 mm for deep winkles, deep scars, hyper-pigmentation marks, stretch marks and chicken pox

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How long to see results from using the Derma Roller?

Multiple treatments are necessary to achieve significant improvement. Treatment effects are cumulative. All skin is different so we can’t give a definite time frame. Usually you will see results each week as the skin changes due to collagen regeneration. 2 to 6 months are required for deep scars and wrinkles.

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