Brinea Hair Products and Information

We have 5 products to choose from so whether you have short hair or long hair you can style with ease. Part of being well groomed is the time that we can allocate to this and in a short space of time, given today's fast living, the results that are achieved. Ionic Technology Let’s first address the Brinea Beauty Heat Styler's ionic component. An ion is as an atom in

5 Points to Managing and Growing Your Business

1Have a strategy and operational plan; Set goals and targets When beginning with your business you should ideally split your year into quarterly periods (easiest to keep track of) in which you should identify your market and in what manner you are going to approach targeting this market. Whether it is cold-calling potential clients, emailing to a pre-gathered list, proliferating ads on social media, going to see/meet potential clients personally, or

Is Infrared Technology the Future of Healthy Heat Styling?

This helps to increase stimulation and detoxification.  Most believe that infrared technology is far superior to traditional heating methods. Infrared heat differs from traditional heat in that it operates using longer wavelengths which will enable a deeper penetration. Conventional styling irons provide heat that is generated with shorter wavelengths. This heat has wavelengths that are not sufficient to penetrate hair or the scalp for healthy styling. Because of non-penetration, these shorter rays heat

Using Brinea Skin Rejuvenation Tonics

Brinea Skin Rejuvenation Day Cream Apply it each morning, after cleansing your face with your face-wash and/or exfoliating, to the areas where there are fine wrinkles. This cream assists with fine lines, giving the skin a noticeably softer look, while balancing the moisture levels, leaving a matte finish. After regular use it will diminish fine lines by 30%. Let it dry for at least 2 minutes.  Apply your normal face moisturizer and foundation

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Building a Successful Micro Business

Many people enquire about becoming an Agent.   Our goal is to have many ladies in different areas building successful micro business and keeping in touch with us.  Regular updates and various previously tested ideas are given to all agents.   We have gone a step further and created a basic marketing pamphlet - there is a dropbox link that will be sent to all new Agents,  a point of sale display box ensuring that our

Enhance Natural Beauty

In today's busy times ladies are constantly pressed for time and expected to look their best all the time. Now by using Brinea's 3D Fiber Lashes+ Mascara you can enhance natural beauty and get that glamorous look in minutes. Adding to the glam effect is the fact that you will no longer have mascara that smudges and runs during the day when things get really busy. Start that journey with gorgeous lashes. Correctly applied, Brinea's

3D Fiber Lashes South Africa

During the month of August Brigitte Cary-Smith went to have eyelash extensions done. Unfortunately she had a serious allergic reaction. She did not give up that easily, another set of lash extentions was tried, but the same reaction. This made her determined to find and bring another product to South Africa. The beginning of 3D Fiber Lashes South Africa. During September 3D Fiber Lashes South Africa took off very quickly as people realised

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