Christmas Specials, Brinea Pty(Ltd)
Christmas Specials, Brinea Pty(Ltd)
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Brinea Beauty

Brinea Beauty will increase your body confidence and self-esteem. This will make you a happier, healthier woman – a beautiful woman, naturally! Brinea Beauty strive to elevate your mood by uncovering your true natural beauty.

Youthful Eyes Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Youthful Eyes is a magical cream which contains multiple herbal ingredients. Youthful Eyes effectively reduces bags and/or dark circles under the eyes and diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores where applied over the face.
Each 3g Ampoule contains approximately 14 applications. 1 box of 5x3g Ampoules contains approximately 70 applications.

Youthful Eyes improves skin texture and remodels your skin to a younger and more beautiful you!

Youthful Eyes Anti-Wrinkle Cream – Read More

Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes+ Mascara

The most Innovative Invention for many years in the Make-Up Industry! Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara+.

Taking the world by storm. An amazing, easy eyelash extension concept that comes in a 2 pack application set.

100% Natural Bees Wax and Green Tea Fiber.
5 Minute Application.
Lasts up to 16 Hours.
Remove with Face Wash and Water.

Strikingly Gorgeous Natural Flawless Eyelashes!

Free door-to-door courier service!

Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes+ Mascara – Read More

Brinea Derma Roller Titanium Micro-Needling Set

Repair Damaged Skin with the Brinea Derma Roller

Brinea Derma Roller Titanium Micro-Needling Set

The Brinea Derma Roller Titanium Micro-Needling Set comes with 3 removable heads with titanium pins of varied lengths (0.5, 1.0 & 1.5) and varied pin amounts (180, 600 & 1200). There are 2 “head-caps” which are used to disinfect the individual heads with rubbing alcohol after each use.

Derma-Rolling is NOT an overnight operation! For sufficient results, derma-rolling should be continued over a period no shorter than 2 months.

Derma-rolling can boost absorption and efficacy of your favorite topical skin care products. Applying serum or cream can enhance your result, but it is not necessary.

Brinea Derma Roller – Read More
Brinea Derma Roller Titanium Micro-Needling Set

Brinea Skin Rejuvenation Serums

Brinea’s tonics are designed with the world’s most advanced stem cell and anti-aging technology. Brinea accelerates the face’s and eye-skin vitality, using natural vegetable proteins and other natural ingredients. Brinea increases the elasticity of the skin, while filling out wrinkles, and heightens the water retention levels of the treated areas. This helps with eye fatigue and promotes firm skin, leaving it bright, smooth and young.

Skin the way Mother Nature intended it to be…

Smooth, supple, healthy, youthful and radiant!

Read More – Brinea Skin Rejuvenation Serums
Brinea Skin Rejuvenation Tonics

Brinea – Hair Stylers

All of the Brinea Beauty Products Hair Stylers combine the latest technologies into salon quality products. Tourmaline-infused solid ceramic plates heat up the curling wands / flat irons in seconds. Dynamic temperature controls allow you choose the right heat for your desired look. Prevent fires with the built-in “Auto-Off” feature.

BE ADVISED: the “Travel Edition” flat iron does not have an “Auto-Off” feature, please turn it off!

The Brinea Beauty Products 25mm Ionic Ceramic Infrared Curling Wand comes with a heat retardant glove.

Warranty Application Form
Hair Stylers – Read More

Pilaten Face Peel-Off Mask

Clear out your pores with this revolutionary peel-off facial mask

Pilaten Face Peel-Off Mask Sachet

Are you bothered by ugly blackheads and black spots on your nose and face? At Brinea Beauty Products we specialize in effective blackhead removal and skin treatment products at a reasonable price from home. The Pilaten Face Peel-Off Mask is an Asian skincare discovery that soon became extremely popular for beauty enthusiasts all over the world because of it’s efficiency of removing blackheads directly from the root.

Pilaten Face Peel-Off Mask is sold in a 60g tube, a box of 48x6g sachets in a dispenser, a box of 8x6g sachets or individual 6g sachets.

Pilaten Face Peel-Off Mask – Read More
Pilaten Face Peel-Off Mask

Brinea Lipstain Wax Peel-Off

Brinea Lip Stain Wax Peel-Off

Longer lasting lip appeal!

Announce your lips’ natural beauty with Brinea Lipstain! Don’t cover up those luscious lips, infuse them with their own lovely glow. With Brinea Lipstain Wax Peel-Off, your natural radiance can shine with a new hue.

There are 5 available colors:
Lovely Peach is a shade darker; Rose Pink is also light, but a beautiful blush; Sweet Orange is an apricot color; Sexy Red is a medium red – semi-dark; Cherry Red is a true red – the darkest of the colors.

Brinea Lip Stain Wax Peel-Off is NOT bright colors!

The Wax Peel-Off gives your natural lips a subtle coloration.

Brinea Lipstain – Read More
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